Sisters Arabic

I Love Arabic Series for Kids

What will I get?

One to One Private Tutor

Sisters Arabic provides a private learning experience so your tutor can focus on your individual needs!

Flexible Scheduling

Busy? No problem. At Sisters Arabic, we go out of our way to allow you to choose the most suitable schedule for your lessons.

Materials Included

Sisters Arabic has no hidden fees. Your monthly tuition includes all the materials needed to study for your courses.

Cancel at Anytime

Most of our students are very happy with our service, but in case we are not a good fit, you can cancel at anytime, no problem.

Choose a Plan

4 Hours/Month

$49 per month

  • Private Instruction
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Materials Included
  • 4 lessons per month
  • 4 hours per month

6 Hours/Month

$69 per month

  • Private Instruction
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Materials Included
  • 6 lessons per month
  • 6 hours per month

8 Hours/Month

$79 per month

  • Private Instruction
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Materials Included
  • 8 lessons per month
  • 8 hours per month



Alhamdulillah learning Arabic with Sisters Arabic has been such a pleasant and motivating experience. Both my children and I study with the academy and I continue to recommend their lessons to family and friends. Learning a second language can be stressful and frustrating but our teacher is so kind and patient. She is also very professional and orgainzed and knows how to mold the curriculum to our individual needs. Our teacher is always positive, encouraging and engaging. Her explanations are thorough and she makes fun flow charts to teach grammar rules and concepts. Alhamdulillah she creates a class environment where I feel comfortable to ask questions and express confusion. Lesson by lesson my Arabic vocabulary and grammar knowledge increases, alhamdulillah, and the best feeling is when I apply my new found Arabic knowledge in my Quranic studies. May Allah bless Sisters Arabic's work and reward them! May Allah give them the ability to continue to teach the world the beautiful and mesmerizing Arabic language!


Sister Arabic was doing excellent job to teach Reading and writing AL Quran for our kids... I’d really Thankful for they awesome work to our kids.. Thank you


Sisters Arabic has helped both my children in such a short time! Mashallah, in little less than a month, I have seen a big improvement in their reading of Quran and Arabic vocabulary, Alhumdulilah! The teachers are very kind and enthusiastic to teach. My son's teacher even says, "that's my boy" when he does a good job. I love that- it is so endearing, and makes him feel so special.

Umm Khadeejah

I signed up to Sisters Arabic for my 5 year old daughter in order for her to have Arabic lessons. Alhamdulillah the experience so far has been delightful. The teachers and organisation as a whole are very understanding and helpful. The are easy to communicate with and are very keen to address any concerns. Although I had some reservations as to how a 5 year old would learn online, the efforts, tremendous kindness and patience from the teacher has helped my daughter to concentrate and learn. Concepts are taught in small chunks and the teacher is very happy to slow down if need be. I found the teacher to give some great ideas on how I can reinforce the work in our own time. She is also very open to suggestions and any criticism which is really helpful as I feel my daughter's learning is key priority. New words are taught every lesson and a small dialogue. The teacher then creates small games to test the students knowledge which makes learning the language fun. Small pieces of homework are also given which I feel is crucial. So far we are enjoying the lessons and learning!